Summer Lovin’

Confession: Summer is our hibernation season. Regardless of our love of Sacramento, neither of us are cut out for the blazing heat of the Central Valley in the summer months. That being said, we did manage to venture out and find some new favorite spots in our beautiful city, as well as a few farther-flung small businesses. These are the five fab things that have made our summer sunny:


Shop Old Gold1104 R Street, Ste. 110, Sacramento: We’ve been posting about this place all over Instagram, so it’s no surprise that it made the list. A treasure trove of vintage clothes and shoes, local-made goods, and all-natural body products; we have found everything from a vintage Fanny Ann’s baseball tee to Oakland-based Penelope Candles (in scents like Flannel and Cashmere) here. Located inside the up-and-coming WAL Public Market, Old Gold has a funky vibe without giving off the feeling it’s trying too hard to be cool. The staff is so, so sweet and we’ve fallen in love with their selection of Herbivore Botanicals products and cat-eye sunglasses, both of which proved to be summer essentials.


Clearly Kombucha, San Francisco: We’ve always wished we could get in on the kombucha craze, but as two very texture-sensitive people, anything with little floating particles just really isn’t our jam. Somehow the universe decided to help us out and sent Clearly Kombucha our way. The San Francisco-based brand can be found at Whole Foods (and a variety of other grocery stores) and is delightfully floatie-free. With flavors like Asian Pear and Strawberry Hibiscus they are perfect for summer and we can finally load up our baskets and call ourselves Kombucha lovers.

city of trees

City of Trees Music Festival, Sacramento: It has to be said that this event, hosted by Radio 94.7, was a huge success. We (along with over 9,000 other folks) braved the heat to spend the day at Gibson Ranch listening to some seriously wonderful sets. Bands featured included James Bay, Of Monsters & Men, and Cake (amongst others) and it was the perfect atmosphere to kick back in the grass and nosh on some local eats. We took a chance on the long line at Bacon Mania’s food truck and were not disappointed by the bacon mac n’ cheese fries, a dish as summer-friendly and delicious as it sounds.


Temple Coffee, 239 G Street, Davis: We are long-time Temple Coffee Roasters fans and were delighted to be invited to the opening of their new location in Davis. Chic and clean in it’s design, it sits right in the heart of Downtown, an area a little short on artisan coffee in comparison to Sacramento. Caffeine fiends can rejoice at the selection of hand-crafted drinks from newer additions like the nitro cold brew to classics like the Enlightenment Tea (one of our person favorites).


Daily Wares Co., Utah: While we usually only focus on the Northern California region, we can’t go without mentioning Daily Wares Co. (and we wore their jewelry all summer long, so that makes them honorary locals right?). Based in Utah and hand-made by Katie Buchanan, this collection of gold-filled necklaces and bracelets just keeps growing and growing (as does our addiction). Simple and delicate in design, we have found these minimalist pieces work with everything from jeans and a tee to date-night dresses. Make sure to check out Katie’s site here!

Peachy Keen Jewelry


Jewelry, coffee, and hand-crafted local goods. Three of our favorite things, that we were lucky enough to combine together when we met with local jeweler Alysha Ramos at Insight Coffee to discuss and take a peek at pieces from her shop, Peach & Lake.


Alysha hails from Southern California, is now a proud Midtown resident, and started Peach & Lake a while back, but has stepped up her game and really pushed to see her business grow in the last few months. “I saw these necklaces on Pinterest and decided I wanted to make my own and just experiment. I work a desk job and I didn’t want to just come home and watch TV, I wanted to make things, to create.”

Peach & Lake’s style can be described as minimalistic and has an architectural vibe to it. We really enjoyed the unique focus on clay as the main medium of the line, something Alysha (surprisingly) didn’t have experience with prior to starting Peach & Lake. “I went to University Art one day and just got a bunch of clay, I really didn’t have any experience aside from Playdoh,” Alysha laughs explaining, “I threw away a lot of clay while experimenting.”


Currently the line consists exclusively of necklaces, however Alysha hopes to expand and begin offering rings as she moves into working with metals and gems. She also creates wall hangings, composed of driftwood from the Sacramento River, and is looking towards bringing them to Peach & Lake.

For the time being Alysha’s jewelry can only be found in her online shop, which can be found here, but she hopes to soon see her pieces at local boutiques, fairs, and markets. We had the joy of wearing around the San Antonio & Kylie necklaces this past week and loved the versatility of the pieces, as well as the distinct but simple design that allows you to have fun with unique and whimsical accessories (that still go with everything!). Check out her shop and keep an eye on Peach & Lake, we feel that there’s much more to come!

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Back That Glass Up

It’s been a hot minute since our last post, but The Basics have been busy exploring Sacramento’s beautiful spring time offerings.

If you’re like us, you’ve had that weekend itch to get out of town and see something different…but you’ve also not wanted to deal with the hassle of packing up and spending too much quality time on the freeway. Here to solve all your problems (or at least those two)? The Old Sugar Mill in Clarksburg.

sugar mill 1

Most seasoned Sacramentans are familiar with the Sugar Mill’s wine tasting rooms, but as relative newbies we’d only heard rustlings and (as one of us hails from Sonoma Valley and can’t help but be a little bit of a wine snob) we were a little dubious initially. That quickly changed.

First off, you fall in love with Clarksburg before you even get to the mill. Even though it sits only 15 minutes from Downtown, you feel like you’ve taken a trip back in time to a quiet and quaint town miles from any city. The OId Sugar Mill itself is a beauty. Built in the 1930’s, it was a fully functioning sugar mill until the ‘90’s and has been a wine tasting venue since 2002.

sugar mill 2

The Sugar Mill is home to 12 petite tasting rooms, two of which we visited on a recent Saturday afternoon. We started at Three Wine Company, purely on the basis of their beautiful label, and ended up tasting a delicious Cabernet Sauvignon boasting blackberry and sweet tobacco, as well as one of the best Rieslings we’ve had in a while. Next we wandered into Elevation Ten’s tasting room, where our loyal red wine lover found a Pinot Grigio she actually really loved and we noshed on some delicious local olive oils.

sugar mill 3

The Old Sugar Mill is the perfect place to take out-of-towners wanting to see the best of Sacramento and also makes for a gorgeous wedding venue, the site for many local events, and hosts beekeeping classes once a month (which are a blast). Check it out and let us know what you discover!

Sweet Treats

What’s better than a scoop of ice cream to mark the end of the workday? How about enjoying said ice cream in not just a cone or a cup, but inside a donut?

puff 1

If that sounds just as sweet to you as it did to us, then The Parlor Ice Cream Puffs is worth adding to your Foodie To-Do. On Fair Oaks Blvd., near Sac State and right next to Temple Coffee, The Parlor is easy to miss with it’s understated design, but once you step inside you are captivated by it’s chic ambiance and you are ready to step in line for one of the best ice cream experiences of your life.

puff 2

The menu offers a selection of more traditional ice cream fare as well, but let’s be clear: the puffs are the reason to be here. We kept it simple, ordering a scoop of the salted caramel ice cream sandwiched in a glazed donut, as well as a scoop of the Thai tea ice cream in a glazed (because who wants to share?). The best part about this incredibly indulgent experience is that once your treat is scooped and ready, it’s warmed in a donut press, melting your ice cream and donut together into a sugary bliss.

 The puffs can prove a little messy if you linger and let your ice cream melt, but let’s face it, that’s not a problem for most of us. Otherwise they are simply amazing (and cheap!) and with the summer fast approaching, we are sure to be back!

Spring & Selland’s

It’s spring time in Sacramento and we are welcoming the season of lazy afternoons, cool drinks, and light delicious fare with welcome arms!

With this in mind, the Basic Bloggers took off to Selland’s Market Café in El Dorado Hills. Located just a half hour outside of Sacramento, El Dorado Hills is a short jaunt that allows you to feel like you were still able to get outta the city and relax.


With a perfect view of the town’s main strip of quaint little shops and restaurants, Selland’s is an East Coast chic deli and café with a surprisingly diverse menu. We personally opted for a prosciutto pizza amidst the array of gourmet sandwiches, pasta salads, and other dishes perfect for warm weather days. While the outside patio can get a little crowded, it is worth waiting a few minutes for a table to clear as our pizza, topped with fontina, caramelized onions, and fresh sage, was especially delicious when savored in the sun with a glass of vanilla mint sweet tea in hand (this tea was seriously amazing!).


If the drive sounds like a little bit much to you, Selland’s also boasts an East Sac location at 53rd and H. While the location is smaller, it still offers the same wonderful local menu, including a weekly special that includes dinner for two and a bottle of wine for $25. The desert menu is also worth checking out, as we noshed on key lime and coconut cupcakes that were utterly terrific.


The official verdict? We highly recommend this spot as a go-to spot for both casual girl’s lunches, as well as date nights. Selland’s is sure to make any foodie happy, is vegetarian and gluten-free friendly, and provides a quick peek at the growing number of restaurants in Sacramento that boast a menu both local and sustainable.