Peachy Keen Jewelry


Jewelry, coffee, and hand-crafted local goods. Three of our favorite things, that we were lucky enough to combine together when we met with local jeweler Alysha Ramos at Insight Coffee to discuss and take a peek at pieces from her shop, Peach & Lake.


Alysha hails from Southern California, is now a proud Midtown resident, and started Peach & Lake a while back, but has stepped up her game and really pushed to see her business grow in the last few months. “I saw these necklaces on Pinterest and decided I wanted to make my own and just experiment. I work a desk job and I didn’t want to just come home and watch TV, I wanted to make things, to create.”

Peach & Lake’s style can be described as minimalistic and has an architectural vibe to it. We really enjoyed the unique focus on clay as the main medium of the line, something Alysha (surprisingly) didn’t have experience with prior to starting Peach & Lake. “I went to University Art one day and just got a bunch of clay, I really didn’t have any experience aside from Playdoh,” Alysha laughs explaining, “I threw away a lot of clay while experimenting.”


Currently the line consists exclusively of necklaces, however Alysha hopes to expand and begin offering rings as she moves into working with metals and gems. She also creates wall hangings, composed of driftwood from the Sacramento River, and is looking towards bringing them to Peach & Lake.

For the time being Alysha’s jewelry can only be found in her online shop, which can be found here, but she hopes to soon see her pieces at local boutiques, fairs, and markets. We had the joy of wearing around the San Antonio & Kylie necklaces this past week and loved the versatility of the pieces, as well as the distinct but simple design that allows you to have fun with unique and whimsical accessories (that still go with everything!). Check out her shop and keep an eye on Peach & Lake, we feel that there’s much more to come!

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